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COURSE ONE: Sports Videographer Basic 基礎運動攝影知識

  • The different production from Sports and Commercial
  • Sports Social Media Formats
  • Sports shooting Equipment
  • Remote Computer Hardware and Software

COURSE TWO: Sports Shooting Introduction to Camera Language : Long Shot , Medium Shot & Close –up Shot and SlowMo Application 現場運動攝錄

  • Basic Camera Operation : White Balance , Shutter speed , Exposure , Focus.
  • Point of view Angle
  • Various Shooting Methods & Technique: Basketball / Football / Rugby / Table tennis  more..
  • The secret to produce energetic Video

COURSE THREE: Digital Video Shooting – Practical Session 實地工作室拍攝

  • Practical Session

COURSE FOUR: Digital Video Editing 以Premiere Pro為本的剪接製作

  • Basic Editing Techniques (Short-cut)
  • Working with Timeline
  • Film Effect
  • Audio Effect
  • Special Effects, Transitions and Titling

COURSE FIVE: Shooting And Capturing Great Video Assets

  • Tips for shooting great slowmo video
  • Capturing video
  • Capturing Special SlowMo
  • Using batch capture and scene detection (CV大法)
  • IG editing skills
  • Tackling manual analog movie capture

COURSE SIX: Selecting Settings, Adjusting Preferences, and Managing Assets

  • Selecting project settings by sequence (Landscape to portrait)
  • Three types of settings for IG Reels
  • Project settings
  • Importing assets
  • Taking a closer look at images
  • Managing media in the bins
  • Exploring additional bin features
  • Finding assets with the Media Browser
  • Importing Tape less Media
  • Using a tape less workflow
  • Using Media Browser
  • Mixing media formats

COURSE SEVEN: Creating Cuts-Only Videos

  • Using a non- storyboard thinking to build a rough cut
  • Editing clips on the Timeline as short as possible
  • Moving clips to, from, and within the Timeline
  • Working with Source Monitor editing tools
  • Adjusting clips in the Trim panel
  • Using other editing tools

COURSE EIGHT:Adding Video Transitions

  • Using transitions with restraint (Preset suggestion)
  • Trying some transitions
  • Using A/B mode to fine-tune a transition
  • Changing parameters in the Effect Controls panel
  • Applying transitions to multiple clips at onc
  • Adding audio transitions
  • Creating Dynamic Titles (AE project)
  • Strengthening your project with titles (AI)
  • Changing text parameters (AI)
  • Building text from scratch
  • Putting text on a path
  • Creating shapes
  • Making text roll and crawl
  • Adding text effects: sheens, strokes, shadows, and fills

COURSE NINE: Applying Specialized Editing Tools

  • Exploring the time saving editing tools
  • Replacing a clip and replacing footage
  • Using Sync Lock and Lock Track
  • Editing with In and Out points around a clip (I/O)
  • Creating sub clips from the Source Monitor
  • Multi cameras editing

COURSE TEN: Adding Video Effects

  • Sampling some basic video effects (Youtube Overlay)
  • Applying effects to multiple clips
  • Adding key framing effects
  • Adding key-frame interpolation and velocity
  • Adding lighting effects
  • Creating custom presets


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